Trees are often planted too deep. This is very detrimental and will often lead to a slow death as the tree grows. Planting too deep stimulates new adventitious roots to sprout from the trunk much like topping does in the canopy. These roots will often circle the tree instead of growing radially, like normal. As the roots and the tree grow, they start to choke each other, not allowing nutrient transfer. Also, the wire and burlap should be removed to inspect for “pot bound” roots that have been redirected by the burlap or pot. These should be cut off prior to planting. A sharp shovel works well. The proper planting depth is to find the trunk flair and that flair should be level with the new site soil level. Mulch, if used, should not be in contact with the trunk and should not exceed 2-3”. Support stakes, if used, should allow the tree to flex in the wind and be removed as soon as possible.