Recent Competitions

May 2018
Crystal Bridges Museum of Art, Jeremy won the Arkansas Tree Climbing competition and the aerial rescue and throw line events
Baylord was 15th and Joe 16th
April 2018
Charlotte international open Jeremy 9th overall, 1st in aerial rescue, Baylor 16th. Joe 22nd.
March 2018
Southern Chapter Jeremy, 1st place aerial rescue, 16th overall. Baylor, 1st place overall in rookie division, 2nd in speed climb and 19th overall. Joe 29th overall.
December 2017
Alabama Competition, Birmingham AL Jeremy 5th overall. Joe Angel 17th. Baylor Thomas 22nd.
June 2017
Midwest chapter 11th overall. Springfield, MO
April 2017
Charlotle international open 14th overall. 1st place aerial resume
March 2017
Southern chapter 6th place overall. 4th place aerial resume. Myrtle Beach, SC
October 2016
Tennesee climbing competition 1st overall. 1st place in work climb and aerial resume. Nashville, TN
October 2015
Tennessee climbing competition. 2nd overall and 1st place in aerial rescue,throw line, and footlock events. Jeff took 3rd in aerial rescue event as well.
June 2015
Midwest chapter 6th overall and 1st place aerial rescue event.
April 2015
Charlotte International Open 14th place.
March 2015
Southern Chapter ISA Competition 2nd place. Mobile AL.
January 2015
Jeremy was featured on the front cover of tree services magazine and article contributor
November 2014
Masters challenge scoring judge Midwest ISA chapter
October 2014
Aerial rescue head judge Oklahoma climbing competition
June 2014
Jeremy was featured on the’s climber trading card
April 2013
Charlotte International Open 8th Place (1st place in throw line event)
March 2013
Southern Chapter ISA Competition Memphis TN 5th place (1st place competitor from Arkansas)
October 2012
Champion Hawaii Tree Climbing Competition. Honolulu HI
August 2012
Throw line technician at International Tree Climbing competition Portland OR
June 2012
Midwest Chapter ISA Competition 6th place 2nd place foot lock event Olathe Kansas
May 2012
Texas Chapter ISA Competition 4th overall and spirit of the competition award Austin TX
April 2012
Charlotte International Open 9th overall and 1st place aerial rescue event
October 2011
Champion Hawaii tree climbing competition North Shore, Oahu
June 2011
Midwest Chapter ISA Competition 2nd place throw line event
May 2011
Texas Chapter ISA Competition spirit of the competition award Ft Worth TX
June 2010
Midwest Chapter ISA Competition 2nd overall (1st throw line event and 2nd foot lock event)